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Grading Requirements

Blue Belt

15 push-ups
15 sit-ups
Footwork – Stamp / Switch / Blitz
Stances – Dragon / Horse / Shoulder / Preparation
Strikes – Jab / Cross / Hook
Kicks – Front / Round / Side
Elbows – Round left and Right / Over Left and Right
Knees – Round Left and Right
Defensive Footwork Left / Right / Back / Sidestep
Hand Deflections – High / Centre / Low
Leg Checks – Left Roll / High Right / Cross
Drills – Static / Moving / Partner
Shadow Sparring – Defence and Offence
Grappling with Knees
Forms (Kata) – First Half (9 moves) of Iron Horse
Free-combat – 3 Self Defences from Iron Horse
Sparring - 3 Rounds

Green Belt (all Blue requirements including list below)

25 push-ups
25 sit-ups
Stances – Bear / Half Dragon / Cat
Strikes – Upper Cut / Back Fist / Palm Heel
Kicks – Spinning Back / Hook and Crescent
Knees – Straight thrust / Turning
Elbows – Left and Right Uppercut / Spinning
Drills – Static / Moving / Partner
Shadow Sparring
Free Combat – 5 Self Defences from Iron Horse
Forms (Kata) – Both halves(18 moves) from Iron Horse / First third (25 moves) of Lull Before the Storm (Black Belt Kata)
Grappling with knees
Sparring – 5 rounds

Brown Belt (all Blue and Green requirements including list below)

50 push-ups
50 sit-ups
Footwork – 3 step forward and back
Stances – Horse / Dragon / Bear
Hand Defences – Double Circle (Mawashi)
Drills – All
Forms (Kata) – Three Battles / Rotating Palms / First and Second third (36 moves) of Lull Before the Storm (Black Belt Kata)
Free Combat - from Iron Horse / Self Defences from grabs including locks and holds
Sparring - 8 rounds including grappling and knees

Black Belt (all Blue, Green and Brown requirements including list below)

Total revision on everything learnt up to this point including:
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
Open Hand strikes / All of Lull Before the Storm / 10 Rounds of Sparring
Emphasis on revision and Consolidation

First Degree

Theory - Lighting Strikes Twice Form (Kata)
Revision - Three battles / Rotating Palms / Lull Before the Storm
Freeform (Personal Kata) – 60 seconds, own floor pattern based on Lull Before the Storm, empty hand with name.
Essay – Thoughts and experiences of martial arts to this level of your understanding. Research is recommended. 250 words or less.

Second Degree

Form (Kata) – Eye of the Tornado
Freeform (personal Kata) – 60 seconds, empty hand with name.
3 rounds each of – Shadow Sparring / Focus Pads / Kick Shields / Forearm Pads
6 rounds sparring
See the 2nd Dan Schedule

Third Degree

Forms (Kata) – Lightning Strikes Twice and Free Combat (Delta Group) / Eye of the Tornado and Free Combat (Delta Group) / Wrath of the Python and Free Combat (Delta Group)
Freeform (Personal Kata) – 60 seconds and Free Combat (Delta Group)
Lecture – Personal synopsis of the martial arts to this point of your training. Approximately 3 minutes.

Fourth Degree

Hakama must be worn by gradee and all assistants.
Form (Kata) – Master of Darkness
Freeform (Personal Kata) – 60 seconds, empty hand
Weapons Forms (Weapons Kata) – First weapon and free combat (Yusuko) with explanation / Second weapon and free combat (Yusuko) with explanation / Blade weapon and free combat (Yusuko) with explanation.
No real weapons to be used during free combat (Yusuko)

Fifth Degree

All white Gi is to be worn at this level.
Form (Kata) – The Dragon’s Way
Freeform (Personal Kata) – 60 seconds
Free Combat – All eight octagon principles (one partner)