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SOKE BOB JONES, “The Chief”, Founder

Bob Jones
Since the 1960's in Australia and later in New Zealand, the name Bob Jones has become synonymous with the Security Industry and the Martial Arts.

During these four decades, Bob Jones has taught thousands of Australians to protect themselves and many of these students went on to become Black Belts in the Martial Arts.

Bob Jones then taught the elite of these Black Belts how to "protect others" and they were then employed within the security industry.

Since the sixties, he has met the security needs of many organisations, events and celebrities.

In the seventies, he secured all of Australia's major rock concerts that ran over several days and drew crowds in excess of 50,000. At each concert, hundreds of his Black Belts were employed to secure all aspects of public wellbeing.

In the eighties, Bob Jones personally toured as Bodyguard to many major rock and roll celebrities including the Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, Europe's ABBA, David Bowie, Boy George and Linda Ronstadt to name just a few.

Bob Jones's time is also carefully allotted to advise and guide his martial arts organisation of 1,000 schools of self-defence throughout Australasia currently developing 20,000 students towards Black Belt.

He has made numerous television appearances providing self-defence tips for women. He writes regular magazine columns and provides expert commentary for kick boxing bouts.

In 1997 was awarded the prestigious Blitz Martial Arts Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award. He is one of the highest ranked martial artists in Australia, holding the rank of ninth Dan and the title of Kyoshi. He is also known under the titles of Soke, meaning founder and simply, The Chief.

He has a number of highly successful business interests as well as being a grandfather and family man.

Bob Jones continues to take an active interest in the on-going development of Zen Do Kai, with many highly qualified instructors to assist him, conducting training sessions and seminars throughout the country.